Experiential Learning Centre

Experiential learning gets results because it forges direct connections between theory and practice - boosting performance, saving you time and cutting costs.

Lane End’s Experiential Learning Centre is the first of its kind in the London area, providing UK and international clients with:

  • over 20 different physical and mental challenges to test your people to the maximum, honing their competitive edge
  • learning challenges relevant to your organisation, equipping your people with vital knowledge and skills that can be applied at your workplace
  • detailed planning and analysis to ensure you gain optimum results and best value from experiential learning.
London Eye

Experiential learning at Lane End is delivered by Challenging HR, experts with a proven track record at FTSE100 and other major global corporate groups.

Challenging HR's expertise and experience - combined with the high quality 26-acre facilities offered by Lane End Conference Centre - offer an unrivalled combination.

Just 30 miles from London, Buckinghamshire-based Lane End is easily accessible via the M25, M4 and M40. It is only 30 minutes from Heathrow Airport.

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